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    RoboHelp 8 questions


      As a new user of RoboHelp HTML in general, I have some questions that I hope someone may know.


      1. Why when importing a word document does the headings and fonts change?  How can I lock this down so it won't be different, as I have thousands of documents in my help file that I do not wan to have to change one by one.
      2. When you import a file it actually puts two documents in the Project Manager tree.  One of them is a .css file.  What is this for?  Can I delete them, do they need to stay there for any reason.
      3. Also, I have some folders that are in the Project Manager Tree that I would like to delete.  When I highlight them, the 'delete' icon goes away and is no longer highlighted so I can delete them.  Any suggestions.  Also, within this file are the .css files, so maybe that has something to do with it.
      4. I thought I had read that there was help for RoboHelp on TV.robohelp.com.  However when I go there, I am unable to find Robohelp in the listing.  Does anyone know if there are any tutorials that I may find online for ROBOHELP?



      Thanks for any help offered.   I greatly appreciate it.

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          Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2

          I can't help with the ins and outs of importing Word documents, however, the .css files are the stylesheets available in your project. I assume that they have been created automatically for each Word document you import and possibly have a similar name to each one.


          The css file is like the Word template (.dot) file used in your Word document. It defines the styles available, the font, font size, margins, etc for each style.


          Assuming your Word documents all use the same styles, you can associate one css file with all your topics in RH. You can assign a stylesheet to all topics. I don't have RH8 available at the moment, but the procedure should be similar.


          Switch to the Topics List view/pod.

          Select all topics.

          Right-click and select Properties.

          In the Appearance tab, select the stylesheet (css) file you want to use and click OK.


          If your Word documents don't use the same styles, you will either have to use the individual css files or do some cleanup, either in the Word documents before you import, or afterwards in RH8.


          There might be an import option to assign a specific stylesheet, or not create separate stylesheets for each document, butas i said, I don't import from Word, so am not sure what options there might be. You could try looking up Import in the help, to see what you can find there.



          With regard to deleting folders, if the folder contains topics, you cannot delete it. You should move or delete the topics in the folder first.

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