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    Adobe Reader 9 prints lighter than version 8


      There are users on the network that print PDF files that are CAD drawings.  When using version 9 of acrobat reader to print, the output is very light.  When using version 8, the output is twice as dark and crisp.  Anyone have any suggestions or have come across the same problem.


      Thanks in advance.

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          We are also having the same issue described here and the underlying factor appears to be machines using Adobe Reader 9 instead of 8. We have a client using several machines all printing to the same printers via a Print Server but one of the machines has Adobe Reader 9 and is printing out cards with faded text and images, the others using Reader 8 are fine.


          Does anyone have any suggestions, we can just downgrade the problem machine to Adobe Reader 8 but to me this isn't a solution as we will eventually have to upgrade all machines to 9 at some point in the future.