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    Resize performance issue


      I have a wierd performance issue.  My application consists of a lot of Panels, VBoxes, and other containers which all have widths that are bound to the main Application's width using equations such as


      <Panel width="100%">

           <VBox width="{width * someRatio}" />

           <VBox width="{width * (1 - someRatio) - 10}"/>



      Now when I resize the application by expanding the width to the right, the performance isnt too noticable.  But if I shorten the width by dragging to the left, then the program bogs down while the Panel's and VBox's slowly crawl to the left.  Does this have something to do with motion tweening?  Does anyone have some advice I can use to make my resizing more snappy?  This is a business application, so smooth pretty motion comes a distant second to snappy responsiveness.