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    Help.. problem with 11.5 plugins

    mziskandar Level 1

      Adobe has done a great job with Shockwave 11.5 plug-ins it are sooo bugs free and runs with various browser flawlessly, marverlous implementation of the latessssttt 3D technology - WOW!!! they are so great!


      There's only one problem for me... and I need to know - because I install what I want and when I want..


      How to disable the Shockwave Updater?


      Having it to run automatically without asking for permission to run or download are too great to be true! - especially when it's equiped with a great Norton Antivirus installer - where the we already pay for other antivirus (I don't choose and promote Norton). Most user/clients/students/kids/wife will accidentally allow that great Norton antivirus to install - I've experinced spending my entire weekend removing antivirus.