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    Building from MPL sources


      Hi All,


      We need to customize some classes contained in rpc.swc.

      To avoid any potential licensing hassles, I decided to try building it from the MPL sources available for download at http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Download+Flex+3


      So I downloaded and unzipped flex_sdk_3.3.0.4852_mpl.zip, set JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME, and invoked the build.xml.

      I get the following error:


      Buildfile: build.xml








      D:\flex_sdk_3.3.0.4852_mpl\build.xml:1155: Warning: Could not find file D:\flex_sdk_3.3.0.4852_mpl\templates\html-templa
      tes\metadata\AC_OETags.js to copy.


      It looks as though the directory structure of what's in flex_sdk_3.3.0.4852_mpl.zip doesn't match the SVN tag for, which causes the build to fail. (templates\html-templates\metadata exists in SVN bud not in the MPL zip distribution)


      From what I can gather, the source code in SVN http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/flex/sdk/ contains both MPL licensed and proprietary code, correct?


      Does this mean that if I want to make modifications to the MPL licensed code as distributed by Adobe, I need to write and maintain my own build files?

      I would expect that since flex_sdk_3.3.0.4852_mpl.zip contains a build.xml file, it should work out of the box... if it doesn't, maybe you should remove it so that there is no expectation created that the MPL zip distribution contains more than just source code.


      In the meantime, I guess I need to check out from SVN both the MPL and non-MPL licensed code and then be forced to audit (or cross my fingers) that I'm not violating any licenses with what I'm modifying/redistributing.


      Any thoughts/suggestions on this issue?




      Frank Grimes