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    Help with Radio Buttons & Combo Box for Flash Form that sends email


      I'm having a bit of a hard time with a Flash form that I'm working on.


      I've got the basic text fields working fine, but I'm not sure how to retrieve the values from the Radio Button and Menu List components.


      The PHP script pulls the values from the text fields with:



      $contact_name = $_POST['name'];

      $contact_email = $_POST['email'];

      $contact_subject = $_POST['subject'];


      but using


      $radioGroup = $_POST['radioGroup'];

      doesn't retrieve the selected radio button value.
      The radio buttons have a groupName of "radioGroup". The combo box component doesn't even show up in the HTML version, but does in the .swf.
      Can anyone point me in the correct direction to pull these values from these components and get them passed to the PHP form? The native .FLA and the php file are here for reference:
      My solution needs to be ActionScript 2.