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    What's the best video/audio format for PPCS4?

    Giorgio1957 Level 3

      Question looks like a simple and stupid one, but I've noticed many differences using various kind of file extensions.

      For example when you have to put an effect.

      Mercalli is very performing if the effect is applied to an .avi file instead of a native .mpeg file taken from my Sony HDR-SR videocam.

      So the question is:

      If I have to change the video file format, what is the best one (or one of the best) I can use?

      Avi, we know, is an uncompressed (and eavy) one, but, if you have 700/800 file to edit, maybe PP could go slowly. Am I wrong?

      Of course I have tried using the same video strip differently converted.

      Wait helps.

      Many thanks,