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    Need Help With Picking Drawing Tablet


      Hello I'm currently pursuing to become and animator. I far prefer working with animation software then frame by frame pictures by camera, however I far prefer using a pencil than a keyboard and mouse. This is why I want to use a tablet.

      I'm planning to use it with Flash CS4 and Toon Boom.

      Description of my drawing style:

      - I use my wrists as opposed to my entire arm when drawing

      - My drawings are usually small (like 3 x 5)

      - I like putting in little details

      However I'm curious to as of which I should buy:

      - What are good brands?

      - Does it have to be Wacom?

      - What would be the best under my description?

      Thanks for your help.

      EDIT - Will this do the job?

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          jendehaan Level 4

          It doesn't have to be Wacom, but Wacom are high quality and reputable in the tablet market - which counts. You are pretty much guaranteed that they'll work with the widest number of programs that support tilt/pressure. Remember that the tablet maker has to support APIs that software uses to understand the tilt and pressure sensitivity. If your tablet doesn't support/use those standards, it may not work with software you want it to.  I'm not sure if the one below supports those APIs - I hope someone else here may know  (or perhaps a Google search will turn up something).  As for size, a smaller one (such as the 6x8) would be fine for what you describe.  The smallest ones can feel awkward for regular use, but it's doable if you have a tight budget (and way better than the mouse).

          Good luck!  Drawing with a tablet makes a world of difference, and it's a great investment. I've had five wacoms over the years and all of them have been working perfectly for a long time (and three of those came used).

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            flying_phoenix Level 1

            Thanks. So what about the Tablet that I linked?


            Also as for Wacom which one should I get? An Intuos? Grapphire? Bamboo? Or it doesn't matter?

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              jendehaan Level 4

              Like I said above, I'm not sure about the tablet you linked - I haven't used it personally and haven't heard about it, so I couldn't vouch for it's support or quality. It does have decent dimensions, though, being 6x8.

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                little*big*man Level 2

                Try the Intuos 3 - I have 2 and like them better than the newest version 4 models.  They should be more affordable as folks get interested in the 4.



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