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    Deploying Reader through Group Policy




      I have applied for and been granted a deployment license, and am trying to follow the instructions to deploy reader through group policy to computers on my network.


      The document adobe gives you says to put the computer name under security filtering in the OU GP that was created.  I have done this but it's clear the policy isn't getting applied.


      When I run group policy result, it's not even showing so I must have something wrong.  The document that adobe gives has several of the pictures out of place and is covering some text (at least when I display it - and yes I am using most current version of reader).


      Any ideas?




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          Does the group policy apply to the computer accounts in question?  What does it say under "Security Filtering" in the Scope tab of Group Policy Manager.


          This deployment license of yours - does it give you the full download of 9.1.1?  I am trying to figure out how to deploy this with group policy with the current update, but the one released today is only as an incremental update, so I'm wondering if I will still have to have everyone update it manually????

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            Chakotay2 Level 1

            Under the security filtering tab it has the name of the computer that I want to apply the software to.  That is what adobe's document suggested I believe.


            Yes, it's a full download I believe.

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              As a test, have you tried applying the security filtering to Authenticated Users, instead of 1 PC, then making sure only the 1 desired PC is within the targeted OU, so the GPO only applies to that PC?  If this GPO is working properly, and you try to force a GP update:


              gpupdate /force (at a command prompt)


              Windows should tell you that it needs to reboot to process the updated GP.


              Also, is there only 1 domain controller for your PCs?  What server are you logging on with?  You can check using:


              echo %logonserver% (at a command prompt)


              if it shows a different domain controller than the one you created the GPO on, are you sure the new GPO has replicated to the domain controller you logged on with?


              This is an incremental update, meaning it must be patched to an existing Software Installation policy, then re-deployed, or you can run a script to automatically patch client PCs.


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                Chakotay2 Level 1

                Ok, did that and it did ask me to reboot... I did (twice) and no install...  I am logging into the one and only DC.

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                  StriderMatic Level 1

                  It sounds like at least we made some progress.  If you do a gpresult now, it should hopefully show that your Adobe Reader GPO is being applied.  When you restarted, did you see anything regarding "installing managed software"?  If so, then perhaps it tried to install the Adobe Reader update, but failed for some reason.


                  Do you have any other GPOs that are successfully being applied to your PC?  If not, try a simple one, like a Windows firewall rule or a desktop restriction, just for testing's sake.

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                    Chakotay2 Level 1

                    Ok, I got it to deploy on authenticated users and adding computers directly to the OU, but when I change it back to security filtering and NOT specifially putting computers in the OU it's not working.

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                      StriderMatic Level 1

                      Unless I'm misunderstanding your last reply, the GPO is working as intended, when you change it back.


                      GPO = Applied to one specific OU


                      Security Filtering = 1 specific PC


                      Active Directory OU for intended GPO contains = 0 computers


                      The PC you're applying the security filtering to must exist in the Active Directory OU you created for the GPO.


                      E.G. I create a GPO called acc_sw for my Accounting dept called accounting.  3 PCs in accounting are called:






                      In the security filtering for the GPO I created, I have:






                      Now, in Active Directory Users & Computers, in the accounting OU I have 0 computers.


                      The end result is no acc_sw being processed for:






                      They must exist in the target OU, or a suboordinate OU of the target OU, for the GPO to work.

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                        Chakotay2 Level 1

                        ok, if that is the case and I want ALL computers in domain to have adobe, can I just apply it to the domain policy I created?  If I do, will it try to install each time people login or will it detect that it already exists and login normally?



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                          StriderMatic Level 1

                          Yes, if you apply it to your default domain policy, then all PCs in your domain will receive this GPO, provided you have the security filtering set to authenticated users.


                          This should not be a problem if all the PCs at your workplace will not have issues running Adobe Reader version 9.  Some older PCs may not run smoothly when using Reader 9.


                          The GPO will only process when needed.  After it's been installed, it won't install again, unless:


                          - you force a re-install by choosing the redeploy option for the software installation policy of said GPO.

                          - user un-installs Adobe Reader, if they are capable of doing so