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    Educational version ok to use at work?


      I am a network administrator at a small (50 person) company and one of the employees here is a college student. They insist that they are allowed to install the educational adobe package they bought from their school with an educational discount here at work. This just doesn't pass the common sense test so I have tried to do some research on the internet and have been all over the place here at Adobe's website. Can someone please let me know if this is alright and if not please link some reference to an official document or something so I can put this issue to bed. This person is also telling management that they can buy this software for other employees here to use which are not students. I find it very hard to believe that Adobe would sell the educational package for $300 and the business package for $1200 or something without putting very specific limits on its use. So my question is 2 fold:


      1. Can a student that has purchased adobe products with the educational discount use this software at a place of business?


      2. Can this student buy additional software for use by someone other then them at a place of business?



      Thank you for your help in this matter. I really want to do what is right and legal here but management likes the smaller price tag so I need to back up my claim that we need to buy the retail version.