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    Cairngorm Command to View access Question

    srini kusunam

      I have 2 screens 'Search'  and 'Edit'. When user do a search it will return either <=1 records and if found it directly display's 'Edit' screen.ac


      Edit Screen:

      • It has 6 custom combo boxes out of which 5 combo boxes list's depends on value selected in 1st combo box.
      • I need to set 'dataProvider' for the 5 comboboxes based on value in 1st combobox
      • In Edit mode I have value to select in 1st Combo box and also values to select in 5 combo boxes (which will match only if i set correct 'dataProvider' for the comboboxes i.e. step-2)


      Current Solution:

      • When user enters 'Search Criteria' and hit 'Search Button' it will invoke 'Cairngorm Event' with all the search values and in Command i am calling Delegate to get the record from the Database (BlazeDS).
      • Once i get the response i am setting these values as 'EditVO' in Model and on 'Edit' screen on each combobox has '

        selectedItem = {__model.editVO.comboValue}

      • Now based on value in 1st combobox (returned from DB) i need set 'dataProviders' for the 5 comboboxes



      • Command do not have access to 'View compoments', then how do I set 'dataProvider' for the 5 comboboxes?


      I appreaciate any pointers or suggestions.