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    right program to use?



      im trying to figure out it effects is the right program for me to use, i want to creat an intro for my movie. basically a picture slowly zooming out then have text thrown on top of it, shake the screen a bit and cover some of the picture. would effects be the right program to use?


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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          zooyork: After Effects is definitely the market leader for anything related to "intro for my movie". In other words,  animation with typography, graphics and video. There's nothing that can match AE's power for that. But it's an application that rewards users who are passionate about learning it - so, do you feel like learning a very fun but deep application? If yes, then you know what to do

          The app comes with excellent documentation (available and expanded online). If you go to amazon.com, for instance, you'll also see there's a ton of great books on After Effects. And the web is full of tutorials on everything related to it. As you can see, a very fun application if you enjoy learning.