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    How do I fix EditTextOnly.htm ?


      Can you please assist me in correcting these Error Messages I am getting when using Contribute3.  I have been using this program since 2005 and never had this happen.


      I was in the process of publishing a page when I had a power failure.  When I opened the program after the re-boot I got these messages.  I am using MS Office XP Professional.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      When I open Contribute I am getting the following Error Message:
      "The following translators were not loaded due to errors: EditTextOnly.htm has configuration information that is invalid" I can click OK, but the message keeps popping up as they edit their page.

      When I publish a page I get the following Error Message:
      "While executing onLoad in _afterSave.htm the following JavaScript error occurred in file _afterSave Reference Error: afterSave is not defined"

      I've uninstalled and reinstalled Contribute a few times, but no luck.  I did try to rename the
      "Configuration folder"  to "Configuration-bak"  but got the error message:
      Contribute could not locate the Resources file in the Configuration folder. This file is required to run Dreamweaver.

      Any suggestions?