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    JimP: Using a TweenEffect subclass in Flash -- how?




      Stupid question: having written TweenEffect/TweenEffectInstance subclasses using Flex & FlexBuilder, how does one use the resulting tweening effect from within *Flash*?


      For example, say that you've written a class Foo (which extends TweenEffect) and a class FooInstance (which extends TweenEffect). Let's assume further that FooInstance's onTweenUpdate() method sets the "bar" property of a FooComponent (which extends UIComponent) to the given value, and that its getAffectedProperties() method returns ["bar"].


      Within Flex & FlexBuilder, you can the Foo effect to animate objects easily,as described in Adobe's documentation, via ActionScript and/or MXML.


      Cool bananas! Kudos to Adobe! :-)


      But now say that you want to animate an object in *Flash* using the Foo effect. How do you do that, exactly?


      I can't see where Flash's UI allows the specification of an arbitrary TweenEffect subclass, or where its UI allows the specification of an arbitrary property to be animated ("bar", in this case). Flash's Motion Editor appears to enable you to tween only a very small number of hard-coded properties (x, y, rotation z, skewX, skewY, scaleX, scaleY), not arbitrary properties or styles.


      So, how does one specify the use of an arbitrary TweenEffect subclass in Flash?


      Thanks! :-)


      Jim Plamondon