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    Two suggestions


      Folks, you can get your converted files if you pick the third option for delivery: your browser. it will convert it while you wait and give you the button to retrieve it. I also suggest all of you send an email to Adobe to report the problem. I just did. You'll have to use the "other" issues tab. This is terribly frustrating and I don't think I'm going to remain a subscriber much longer.

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          Thank you for the suggestion. Could you post specific instructions on how to get pdf via our browsers.

          I've been trying --for the past five days-- to get several docs saved to pdf--w/ no luck.

          Thank you!

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            davidtor2ano Level 1

            Sure. After signing in with your ID and password, click on "Convert a File"

            then browse for the file you want to upload. Depending on the size, this may

            be the longest portion of your wait.


            When the next box pops up, one of the things that can be changed is the

            method of delivery. You probably already have it set to be notified by email

            when it's done. Go to that entry point and use the option to wait for the

            results in your browser (on mine it's the second option). Then click the

            appropriate button to start the process.


            You'll then have to wait for it to do the conversion, but it will then come

            up with a box that will tell you it's available and a button to retrieve it.

            Then of course, do your usual creation of a copy. Hope that help.