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      I too have been waiting for conversations.  Since there is no person to person support it is hard to know what too do.  I am on a deadline for filing motions...have 5 conversations from yesterday and no response or information.  Do I need to go with another service?  Just let me know. I called customer service, talked with someone I couldn't understand  who directed me to this forum.  Please don't wait 24 hours to respond!!!!!!!!!!

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          Let me suggest one thing to you, since it's pretty clear Adobe really doesn't care. I had to get something out on deadline too, and what I did was upload my file and instead of asking for either email delivery or going back to the site later to retrieve it, i chose the option of wait for the conversion and use my browser. it converts right before your eyes and gives the you the button to retrieve the PDF. i think it's the third choice on the delivery option list. it will take a little longer, but you will get your PDF.

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            VermillionLaw Level 1

            THANK YOU !!!!!!! It worked quite well.  A bit frustrating with no support from Adobe.  Any other PDF convertors out there that you know about who might be better at customer service?  Thanks Again


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              davidtor2ano Level 1

              Glad it worked. I did receive last night and today all of my conversions

              from the queue, but it does concern me that we, the users, have to help each

              other with workarounds. Re other converters, there are some out there and I

              have used at least one, but in my case I have to use Adobe because I also

              use a print-on-demand service for some of my work, and when I try to use a

              PDF created by a non-Adobe converter their system doesn't accept it for some

              technical reason. In short, I can't really recommend any to you. I can tell

              you that I have been using Adobe online for several years and this is the

              first major problem I've had. - David