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    Help with QuickTime crash

      G'day folks
      I'm trying to track down a crash that I'm getting in my project. From the attached crashdump it implies that QT is involved. The crash occurs soon after opening the project; usually when previewing. It seems to be file related as it happens if I move the project to another machine and play it off a CD. I've opened a new Director file and copied all the assets into it, but even before I had added all the behaviours to the sprites the crash occurred. [Some of the trickier bits of code were written for me by Dean Utian, so I will seek leave from Dean to comment on those before publishing them here.]
      My question is has anyone else seen this type of crash and if so was there a solution? Authoring machine is a G4 Mac. QT version is 7.5.0.
      TIA and Cheers