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    ArayCollection refresh() problem.



      I have a problem to see my data and I think its a refresh() problem.

      My application has 2 Tabs. The first one has one Datagrid(dg) and the second two(dg1 dg2). When I click on one Item of the first Tab I switch to the second Tab.

      When I switch to the second Tab a "show" Eventlistener triggers a function that activates the first Item of the first DataGrid (Tab2) and I can see on the second DataGrid details of my selected Item. Thats how it should work and does. But when I go back to the first Tab and then switch back to the second Tab2 the DataGrid doesn´t show the detailinformation of the selected Item anymore. Does anyone know why? Why does it just works the first time?

      Here some code for a better understanding of my Problem:













      <mx:VBox show="showTab()">







      id="dg1_tab2" dataProvider="{data2Provider}" itemClick="onDgItemClick(event)" change="onDgItemClick(event)" >












      id="dg2_tab2 dataProvider="{dataProvider}"/>




      function that is triggered by the show eventlistener:







      function showTab():void






      //Select the first Item of Tab2 FirstDataGrid

      if (dg_tab1.selectedIndex >= 0){



      dg1_tab2.selectedIndex = 0;


      //DataProvider for the Details of this selected Item


      var item = dg1_tab2.selectedItem;



      dataProvider =

      new ArrayCollection(item.positions);