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    Captured video is showing very blotchy/speckled even though it looked fine before capturing!


      Okay, I have captured from a Panasonic camcorder.  Always fine before.  This time, some of it has appeared very sort of glitchy with blue digi-glitches appearing all over the place for a twenty minute segment in particular.  Strange thing is that playing the tape through the TV did not show any problem.  Also, the file looked fine before importing into premier.  The footage from my other camera was fine.  But you can see the problem from the panasonic in the timeline video and on the rendered JPEG.  Is it possible that a DV tape can go bad and have problems that dont show initially, but the computer then picks up on?  I am hoping it is the tape and not the camera that is damaged!  But this has not happenned before.  All my stuff is from DV tape and captured through firewire on PAL setting.  Even the footage captured looks okay when played with realplayer, it is only after it is imported that it goes bad.  It happenned through the whole project, but especially for one twenty minute period.  I captured a second time and re-edited (just in case camera was in bad mood first time) and still had same problem.  Yes I do clean heads fairly regularly.  No I could not put this tape in the other camera to try cos it was recoreded on long play and my Sony camera only plays tapes recorded on standard play.  Please help, but try to use idiot proof language!  Thanks so much, HOWARD