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    cmyck Level 1

      I have spent 30 minutes looking for clues as to where the anti-aliasing and coordinates have gone, that are normally right there in the properties.

      The only verdammt way to get to those is to click on a tiny little double-arrow in the properties tab.

      Have Adobe's UI designers gone mad? There is no indication whatsoever that there should be more on this panel. To the far right you have a drop-down icon. All there is under there is Help! Ingenious, Adobe, ingenious!



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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Your in sub-compact mode for the PI.


          Click the double-headed arrow to the upper right corner, to full-compact, then click it again to restore it.


          Yes, ingenious, for saving screening real estate when needed.



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            cmyck Level 1

            Well, thanks for the explanation. I had that figured out.

            I merely wented to vent and forgot to not mark this as a question. Not used to the new forum (about time!).

            I hope you used the word "ingenious" sacrastically.

            One could come up with a dozen solutions that are more intuitive than a super tiny button. And it's not at all the way it's handled in Photoshop's or Illustrator's UI. Creative Suite? Yeah, right.

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              True, its not like others in the Suite, but at least it's not alone. Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks share the Property Inspector persistant Panel feature, along with the 'collspsed' mode. Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign have an 'Options (Properties) Bar' at the top and at most is only a single line.


              I don't mind this since it avoids adding additional Panel (clutter).


              Also, the default PI mode when installed is neither of the compact modes - its' fully 'open', so at some point you clicked a compact mode without realizing it, closed Fw and it was remembered for the duration of the session. I'd be happy if the PI could dock to the top instead of the bottom, because as I switch from other apps it takes a split second getting use to the position of tool properties.



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                cmyck Level 1

                Take Illustrator CS4. The character panel sports the exact same thing. But there the dropdown menu on the right features "Show Options".

                That's how it should be in FireWorks CS4. This Suite ain't sweet and it's all over the place.

                I'd rather have it with the docking on top too. Then it would correspond to the way it's handled in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

                One can still plainly see the left overs of Macromedia.

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                  I totally agree, the UI in Fireworks is nothing short of a jumbled mess. I like the software, but guys, it looks like **** and there's so many bugs and quirks to deal with.


                  The rendering engine doesn't make any sense: why letting me place vectors in between pixels, when FW is obviously a web design tool? On the Mac, DrawIt does a great job at that, it's fast and the UI is decent.


                  Why don't you guys stop adding crap to fireworks and do what's right, fix the layer palette that is the most aggravating piece of crap I've used in my life, and don't stop until you get the ******* rounded corners in the autoshapes look, you know, round?