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    Save data in xml




      I want to store the contents of the Form(name, address,etc) in new xml file as the submit button is pressed by the user

      and on further queries data needs to be appended to created xml file.


      Please advise how to proceed on this. I have just started on FLEX.

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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          Well Flex is pretty good working with XML using E4X, I recommend you to take a look at the Flex Documentation to learn about this, also you're gonna need to send this new XML file to be saved on your server, you can use any server technology CF, .NET, PHP or any other.

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            Barna Biro Level 3

            With Flash Player 10 you can now save files to your local machine directly without the need of a server-side script. If your application is aiming for an older Flash Player version then you need a server-side script as Michael already pointed out and handle the saving with the help of the server-side script.


            Blog: http://blog.wisebisoft.com

            With best regards,

            Barna Biro

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              VjFlex Level 1

              Supposedly i want to work on the server side, can you give me any code

              example of doing that...google is confusing me...

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                Barna Biro Level 3

                Hi again,


                Sadly, I don't have a link close around. Google should be your best friend, simply search for tutorials that teach you how to upload a file to your server, once it's uploaded, you need to read it ( again, more tutorials ) and once it's read, you need to pass the data back to Flex ( also found in tutorials ). I can only help you out with a simple PHP and Flex file uploader example I wrote a while ago: http://blog.wisebisoft.com/2009/01/28/simple-flex-file-uploader/


                It's quite basic, you'll need to extend it to fit your needs ( or build a new one from scratch ).


                With best regards,

                Barna Biro

                Blog: http://blog.wisebisoft.com

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                  Michael Borbor Level 4

                  You must choose a server side technology.





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                    VjFlex Level 1

                    Any further help that cd be provided on this

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                      Richard_Abbott Level 3


                      the choice of server side technology depends on what web server you expect to be using. The three main choices are ASP (primarily for a Microsoft IIS platform), JSP (for J2EE servers such as Apache Tomcat) or PHP (more general purpose). ASP code is easy to write if you are familiar with Visual basic or C#, JSP if you know Java. PHP has something of a syntax of its own but is popular with a lot of people (it's years since I used it though!). You may have total control over the server or you may have to fit in with your customer/provider.

                      Basically the server script generates HTML that the browser can display, but it will also have the capability to access databases and such like. Your Flex app can then make use of this to pull whatever is needed from remote resources. But you need to keep a clear distinction in your mind between what the server is doing and what the client (browser) is doing, what each is permitted to talk to, etc.

                      Flex will sit very comfortably within a framework with any server scripting language since you are largely insulated from the particular problems and capabilities of each - but to actually write the server side script you will need to tackle whichever other langauge is appropriate. Currently most of what i do has ASP or ASP.NET at the server, but I have also used JSP a great deal in the past. If you are unfamiliar with using these then you need to do some looking up in that area - the Flex bits will stay the same.