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    the first question everybody starting flexaweek is asking

    Foxchx Level 1

      i have been asking this in many post and many have asked before and for some reason nobody is answering!?!?



      it's an easy question...


      if there is any = WHERE??? even a yes would suffice at this point


      if there is none = JUST SAY :"There is none"


      if someone wants to enlighten me on how anybody can do the tutorial without the source files that would also be good because i , for my part, do not get how it's possible!?


      furthermore: what amaizes me is that i ask a lot of questions around and got reply on almost all of them but source code NONONO!?!?! is there a ego involved in realising that sth as simple as that as not be taken in consederation by the creator of this tutorial, and just hope that ppl will stop asking!?


      i watch the whole thing, did the stuff that didn't need source files, or at least tried, and now all i know is that in flex if you click "Publish" and VOILA!!! you should have a Full working app that fits your needs........ Is that what should be expected of that tutorial???