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    HELP on Scene Pausing on Last Frame


      I have created a simple interactive tutorial with buttons that open specific scenes (sections) in the tutorial using gotoAndPlay().  These scenes are initially "duplicates" of each other, except for some of the objects in the scene.  Everything was doing ok but when I reached my 12th scene, things became messed up.  Initially, when I added this last scene (say, SCENE2, with the same contents as the one copied from SCENE1) and published it, the SWF was behaving correctly.  But when I just extended the timeframe to accomodate a longer audio, this scene keeps on pausing on the last frame for some reason.  I'm assuming that if there are no animations and just audio playing, it would still not pause.  I copied another scene, say SCENE3, also from SCENE1, that would play after SCENE 2.  When I click on the button to play SCENE3, it just goes to the last frame of SCENE2 and does not play, eventhough the script for that button is just gotoAndPlay("SCENE3",1).


      Can please anyone help?