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    Direct unicode text entry into TextField, TextArea, RichTextEditor fails

    Kamal Wickramanayake

      I attempted to enter unicode text (in languages other than English) into Flex widgets (textfield, textarea, richtexteditor), but direct typing does not seem to work.


      Embedding fonts that support other languages was OK. I could also get the widget to display text in other languages when the text is hard coded or comes from another source other than the keyboard as a string. But even there, you cannot have a string which contains characters in multiple languages to appear properly.


      1. When a string has unicode characters that belong to multiple languages, what the Flex widget displays is the portion
      of text in one language (based on the fontFamily that points to a font that supports the corresponding language). For example, you can get En
      characters to appear at a time (when the font supports them). Or else you can only have the characters in some other languges (when the font supports that language). But widgets fail to display the full string which contains multi language characters at once. This is applicable probably to all controls, not just for text input controls.


      2. Entering unicode (via keyboard) into TextField, TextArea, RichTextEditor fails. Widgets are not accepting unicode input in other languages. RichTextEdior however seems to support pasting - still in one language.


      Your help is greatly appreciated.