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    looking for Flex web teacher

    Foxchx Level 1

      I am looking to hire someone to teach me flex over the internet.


      I don't know if there is any channels where i could pay someone to teach me via (chat/videochat/email)


      My project should be simple to teach as it is based on the "employees directory" from adobe air...


      i wish i could have someone explaining (reverse engineer) the app with me so that i understand how they bulit it and create my own directory from it.


      the only changes i need to make for my projects are:


      -adding DB tables and info

      -Encrypting the DB

      -Add averts in search result


      i think i should be able to learn that by myself due to the fact that it's open source and some of flex tutorial are base on it but call me stupid i just don't get it i am missing so many parts.