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    JVM - TLSClientParameters



      can I set "setDisableCNCheck=false" (class org.apache.cxf.configuration.jsse.TLSClientParameters) in JVM Arguments of CF8-Server Settings-Java and JVM section?



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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't think so. SetDisableCNCheck is not a system property, but a function that the object http.getTlsClientParameters() calls, for example, like this




          In any case, that is not necessary. By default, setDisableCNCheck() sets the value to false anyway.

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            jumajii Level 1
            I apologize for my confusion.
            The problem is that in a call using <cfhttp> with SSL, I returned this error: "I / O Exception: Name in certificate common name` 'does not match host name `xx.xxx.xxx.xx'."
            This is because the certificate is self-signed and I can not disable the host-name verification.

            Thanks anyway.