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    Modal Window on mac : problem with ordering window




      I'm developping a Air application using Flash CS3, and some windows of this application must me modal.


      In order to do this, I have created a function called doModal who add a DEACTIVATE EventListener to the window in order to re-activate it when it is deactivated :


      public function doModal():void




      private function relaunchWnd(ev:Event):void


      on Windows, no problem, it works fine.

      But on Mac Intel, there is a bug : the Modal Window is re-activated only the first time it loose focus, but everytime after, the Main Application Window come in front of the Modal window (so the Modal window is hidden behind).


      I have tryied to re-order the windows using "popupWindow.orderInFrontOf(MainAppWindow)" but with no effect...the Main App Window is still in front of the Modal Window (whereas  the orderInFrontOf function above return "true").


      Can someone help me resolve this problem and make a real modal window on Mac ?


      Many thanks in advance.