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    Solving page layout problems

    MurraySummers Level 8

      Many of the questions posted to the Dreamweaver forums are posted in hopes of solving some layout issue that arises with pages that look perfect in DW but not in the browsers, or pages that look fine in the browsers but not in DW.


      When you have issues like this, please understand that it's nearly impossible to diagnose your problems without actually seeing your page's code, no matter how eloquent your description of the layout may be.  And by "seeing your page's code", what we mean is to actually LOOK at the markup on the page.  The very best way to do this is to upload the page and its dependent files to some webspace that you control, and then post a link to it in that location, like -




      If you have no place where you can upload a page, then you can copy the code and paste it into a reply on the forum.  But please make sure you read the FAQ about how to do that properly first.  Also, if your page is using an external stylesheet, it would probably require that you include the CSS from that stylesheet in your reply as well.


      The worst way to do this would be to post screenshots of either your code, or of the page rendering - as this tells us virtually nothing.


      Without seeing the code, we will have to guess what you might have done.  That's rarely either productive or successful.


      Thanks for reading!