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    Help with (simple) gallery


      Hi everyone,


      Im new to AS so bear with me on this. Im making a really simple website with a few navigation buttons that point to some frames using AS, that is the extent of my AS knowledge - oh I know the stop(); command! Check me out! So as you can see, Im a real novice.


      All I want to do is to create an image slideshow the same as this:




      However, I dont want the thumbnails, I just want a really simple fade in/fade out show of about 8 photos. I only want this on the 'home' section of the site ie you navigate away when you click on one of the buttons.I achieved what I wanted by alpha tweening on the time line but the file size was too big at the end of it (it had 900+ frames to allow for the pauses in between transitions)


      My questions to you clever people are:


      What method should I use to create this type of gallery so it is clean and compact? And how can I create it with big, hi res images like on the site above?


      Any suggestions would be great. I know this has been covered before but it's very hard to find specifically what Im after without having better knowledge of AS 3.0





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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          list your image movieclips in an array, initialize an index i, create function that fades-in (using the tween class) the ith index member and fades-out the ith-1 member, use an onMotionFinished event to start a timer (setTimeout() ) to call your function after incrementing i.