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    HELP with embedding video into the timeline.


      Hey there.  I'm very new to Flash CS3. I understand the basic concept of the timeline. I'm not a programmer and I just want to create a FLASH movie that has video with audio and some text animation that I can add to my website.  I have successfully created some very simple flash movies without video. My problem is that when I embed an AVI file the audio quality degrades so much that it's unusable. The full length of the viedo is about 9 minutes. It was professionally shot in studio and when I play the AVI file it is fine.  I tried chunking up the video into 3 minute segments but that still didn't fix the audio quality.  I then separated the audio from the video in Pinnacle Studio and then embedded the video into the timeline and added the audio, and now I can't sync up the audio with the video.    Any thoughts?  Are there any good books that cover this issue?  I haven't had any luck in finding one. I appreciate your help!