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    AVCHD projects - what format to export?

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      The AVCHD project setting seems to work well with material I've shot on a little Canon HF100. However, I don't seem to be able to export back out to the AVCHD format. Is that correct? Is it not an option? What are my options for HDTV quality export? H264 Blu-Ray or MPEG-2 Blu-Ray. Is that it? HDV doesn't seem to be an option either. Can I export to a HDV deck?


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Yes, yes, BR both, yes, depends.

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            Lynn Paul

            I have recently started using a Canon HG20. Using Premiere CS4 I mixed HDV footage from a SONY A1U in the timeline. The HDV was captured using a SONY HVR-M25U deck. After some testing, I was able to use Adobe Media Encoder to export the timeline as MPEG2 1440 X 1080i, with pixels at 1.33 and used the high quality setting. Then I imported the new file into an HDV sequence and exported it back to the HDV deck. I was able to check the file before exporting to tape this way. I had to make 2 small corrections which I think was related to my using 24 bit AVCHD. They were both panning shots.

            I hope this helps.