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    Buttons in Fireworks - Studio 8


      This may be basic, I am not sure.

      I need to copy a button I have designed with all the over states and I want the copy to be editable with different text.


      Every time I copy a button, when I edit the text, the text in the original button changes also.


      I would appreciate the help.  As I mentioned, I can't figure it out.  When I clone button the same thing happens also.

      Thanks for answering.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Once you have created your button artwork and have converted it to a button symbol, double click on it to open it in symbol editing mode. Type your text, and then click on the left pointing arrow icon at the top of the document window to exit symbol editing mode. Drag an instance (copy) of your botton symbol from the Document Library to the canvas. Click on the green slice guide over the new instance and the text will appear in the Text box of the Property inspector. Double click in the text box to highlight the text, and then type over it to change it.


          This method enables you to update the text of each instance without affecting the text of the other instances.