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    Image Map Issue


      I have recently converted my Robohelp for Word project to HTML, more or less successfully.  As expected, all of the links that existed in the Winhelp project that originated from a bitmap, broke during the conversion process.  I'm in the process of re-establishing these links, which is proving to be a very long process due to the fact that every time I right click on an image map to access its "properties," it takes nearly 90 seconds for the properties window to appear!  Is there any way to speed this up?  This happens even when I create a totally new image map on a new image in a new topic.  Currently, all of my HTM files are in one huge folder... if, at this point, i created a folder for each htm file, would that possibly speed things up, or would that totally mess up my project?  I'm on Robohelp 7.  Thanks.