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    Popup when fullscreen fails


      Hi everyone, I am working on a swf movie that includes a button to display it in fullscreen mode.


      I have seen that there are few PCs that don't support this functionality (old flash version or corrupt installation), so I would like to give them the possibility to view my flash movie in a new web page through the javascript window.open.


      I've created the code and test it using a button and it works fine. What I would really like to do is to to show it only when flash detects that fullscreen is failing or the installation is corrupt. I've already tried with a try catch inside my fullscreen button, but it doesn't seem to recognize that there is a failure.


      I'm using ActionScript 2, my embed has enabled allowScriptAccess and allowFullScreen.



      I use this function to open my flash movie in a new window


      function OpenEmbedInPopUp():Void{



      This is my javascript function


      function openwindow(winurl)
         var screen_height = window.screen.availHeight-50;
         var screen_width = window.screen.availWidth;
         window.open(winurl,'','location=0,status=1,left=0,top=0,height='+screen_height+'px,width= '+screen_width+'px');