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    Can't understand "Unpublished Drafts" or the console.


      Originally, I setup a site on our development server & had some things to test with Contribute. So I made a new connection via our dev link.  The site is now live, and I have another connection through Contribute via the web server.


      I want to delete the dev connection, but I can't because there are unpublished drafts.  Which for the life of me don't recall making. Some of them are .jpg's, some are .asp pages, etc.  If I try to "Discard Draft" those, a message asks if I want to permanently delete the file... which isn't actually discarding a draft it's trashing it. So that's confusing. But they all look like files no longer in use or files that were created in error.


      Also, why is there no capability to batch discard in the drafts console?  If you have 50 files in it that takes some time.