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    Bridge CS4

    HarvardStudio Level 1

      Admittedly, I've never been a fan of Bridge, but it's being steadily improved and is almost usable with the latest additions to CS4.  I use Lightroom for all my importing and organizing chores, but remove jobs from the Library at the end of each month when I archive my files to disk.  So, instead of re-importing a folder that required additional work to Lightroom, I opened it in Bridge and attempted to output a web gallery.  Well, not only is the set up typically Bridge slow, but the output options are seriously lacking and the ftp upload module non-functional.  For instance, I selected a Lightroom HTML gallery and attempted to create a gallery as I would in Lightroom.  Only, functions like Labels and Captions are completely absent.  On top of that, even though I've entered my ftp settings and Bridge verified them, every attempt to upload was met with an error stating something like 'Access Denied'.  Never had that problem with Lightroom.


      So, my feature request is an upgraded version of Bridge that's really functional like most other Adobe products.