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    How to apply an effect to multiple/all clips

    D Hesser

      I'm sure I'm missing something elementary here, but I can't find a way to apply an effect to multiple clips at once in PE7.  Specifically I'd like to apply the Auto Levels adjustment effect across all clips in my project (makes sense because they were all recorded at the same time), but at best can onely copy the effect from one clip or section on the timeline to another; one at a time.  When working with a project that has upward of 100 scenes, copy and pasting to each individual clip seems like a lot of tedious work that should be easier.


      Does anyone have any suggestions or information that could point me in the right direction?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, you can apply an effect to any number of clips on the timeline at once. To do this, you just apply it to one clip, then right-click on the clip and select copy -- then select all of the other clips (by dragging to lasso them on the timeline), right-click and select Paste Attributes.


          But I don't know if that will work with Auto Color -- since the settings for Auto Color are going to be different for every clip. If you use Paste Attributes, you'll just get the same settings on all of the clips.


          The Auto Color tool must be used on one clip at a time.

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            D Hesser Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response Steve!


            Well, crud.  I'm not sure how I missed the "Paste Attributes" option, but that worked like a charm!  Thanks!


            On a related note, now I have two Auto Level effects as I forgot that I had already did the copy/paste on each clip.  Is there any way to remove one or both Auto Level effects from multiple clips at one time?  Removing all Auto Level effects from a clip and copying and Pasting Attributes from it didn't seem to work.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              You have discovered one of the little "gottchas" with Copy/Paste Attributes - it does it for all.


              I do not know of a way to eliminate Effects globally, i.e. multiple Clips in this case. Unless there's a neat workaround, or secret switch, I think it will be by hand. That is the way it is in PrPro. Don't know about PE, but In PrPro one can select some of the Effects to Copy/Paste Attributes (for many Effects, but not all).


              Side note: Render your Clips and watch them closely with Auto Levels. I find that it "pulses" and that manually setting Levels (not the Auto one) is better.


              Good luck,



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                greg stuart


                There is no way do delete effects from multiple clips but you can delete multiple effects from a clip.For this , got o properties and select all the effects you want to delete and delete the effects. This will remove multiple effects from a clip.