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    Can I hide/disable the presentation playbar


      I'mputting together a project consisting entirely of imported flash swf files. Some of the swfs are interactive, and some are not, so per other discussions, I'm choosing which files should be controlled by the playbar, and which should not. My issue is usability. On the files where there is user interaction, I need to either hide or disable the playbar so that the user isn't confused as to why pausing/playing/etc. do not work. Does anyone know of a way to hide or diable the playbar on a per screen basis? Thanks!


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          Debora Gallo Level 1

          Hi Bill

          I'm after the same thing - did you manage to accomplish this?



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            robva65 Level 2

            Hey Bill,


            I just came across a very interesting solution to eliminating the playbar entirely without modifying the vconfig.xml file.  The good news is that it works fantastically...the bad news is that you MUST pay careful attention to what you're doing with the Flash files that you'll have to reimport as a result.  More on that in a sec....


            Someone once added an entry in this forum suggesting that you could use a flash-based button to "communicate" with the Presenter components in a published file.  Although assigning code to a button will work, you can also use “onEnterFrame” event handler as a way to automatically trigger various things to happen.  This way, you won’t need to create buttons that require user interaction to occur just to make something happen in Presenter...or you can leave the level of interactivity for the flash files you're looking to build.  In any case, to kill the playbar scrubber while leaving the attachments and audio controls intact, use the following code on a single frame of an fla:


            this.onEnterFrame = function () {

            _root.m_controlBar.m_scrubBar._visible= 0;



            Save and publish the Flash file, and then add the swf to the first slide in a presentation.  Publish the content and the scrubber/playback will be gone!


            Programming NOTE: because Breeze/Presenter is set up for Flash Player 6/7/8, its best to code everything using Flash Player 6 / Actionscript 2.0 as the coding environment.



            The drawback: as soon as you navigate to the screen that contains a flash object with the above code, the playbar will be killed off for the entire presentation.  Therefore, as you navigate to a slide/screen where you need the playbar to re-appear, you're going to need to create another flash file that resets the visible property of the scrubBar object:


            this.onEnterFrame = function () {

            _root.m_controlBar.m_scrubBar._visible= 1;



            Save and publish this second Flash file and import on your slide where needed/required.



            Hope that helps!