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    Titler layout always goes back to defaut


      Every time I click to create a new title, the layout of the Titler goes back to a default small setting that has the rightmost column (font stuff, position, shadows, etc) very small horizontally. I have to pull it far to the left in order to see the content of it, and have to pull it way out to see the dropdown arrows on the font chooser. I get it set up how I like, and then have to do the same thing each time I create a new title. I don't see any way to save the layout... is there something I'm missing?

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          Unless something changed dramatically between CS2 & CS3, I'd get it set up, per my tastes, and then go to Window>Workspaces>Save Custom Workspace (or similar syntax). Now, I use a dual monitor Workspace, and always have Titler open, though usually tiled below Project Panel and maybe my Program Monitor. I have several Custom Workspaces that I use, depending on where I am with the job. Should Titler, or any of the other Panels get fritzed up, I just go to the appropriate Custom Workspace and everything is back to where I left it.


          If this does not work for you, you might want to trash your preferences (saving a copy, plus any other custom settings elsewhere), and relaunch PrPro. I've heard of a few folk, whose prefs got corrupted, and odd behavior ensued with regards to the Panels. Don't forget to redo your Preferences afterwards.


          I have to say that on my laptop, where Titler has to go away, when not in use, it always comes back, just as I left it. This is in CS2, so I do find your CS3 behavior a bit odd. I'd not expect to see what is happening to you. Maybe it's nearly time to try the suggestions in the above paragraph?


          Good luck,