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    Why won't my FLV/F4Vs play in a browser - but the SWFs will?


      I guess I've got a few questions - hopefully this won't make me sound too stupid.


      Why can't I get my FLVs and F4Vs to play out of a browser window but they'll play out of explorer through the Adobe Media player?


      Once I convert them to be SWFs, they play out of a browser but they're still humungous and take a lot of time to play. 400Mgs as an FLV/F4V and 200Mgs as a SWF. Is there a way to shrink them down to a much smaller file size? These were video recordings of long presentations.


      Thanks for any insite you can provide.


      Just a learnin'

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          Sherm Stevens

          To play FLVs in a browser, you need to actually play them thru a Flash video player created in the Flash authoring program. You can easily create your own, or you can find a number of free or low-cost FLV players on the Web for downloading. They are typically Actionscript-driven SWF files that allow you to feed your video file information to the HTML code for the Web page.


          Not sure if this is enough to help answer your question.


          Sherm Stevens

          iNvision Studios