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    Create remoteObject with ActionScript, not MXML


      I want to use remoteObject with ActionScript only, no MXML:


      private function initializeRemoteObject():void {
                  _remote = new RemoteObject();
                  _remote.source = "AMFProxyObject";
                  _remote.endpoint = "http://localhost/linktoMyAMFServer";
                  _remote.destination = "zend";
                  _remote.showBusyCursor = true;



      public function getIAllData():void {
                  var token:AsyncToken = _remote.getAllDataFromStoryTable();
                  //token.result = getDataHandler;


      I am stuck here because I don't know the proper syntax to handle the result


      private function getDataHandler ()void






      ///////////////    I just want to convert the MXML code below to ActionScript   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\



      <mx:RemoteObject id="zendRemoteObject" destination="zend" source="AMFProxyObject"
              <mx:method name="getAllDataFromStoryTable" result="getDataHandler(event)"/>



      Thanks very much. This is driving me nuts, particularly since I couldn't find any help online by googling.