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    AE crashes when I do ANYTHING.


      Hi, me and my dad bought the download and we are having problems with it already


      whenever we go to do anything, it crashes. and we dont have any effects or anything.. please help

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          well. you have to give us some specifications. has it worked before?

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            andrewb94 Level 1

            No we just bought it and the computer is an acer with windows vista

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              yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

              Have you tryed redownloading it ?


              What are the technical specs of your PC ?

              What Vista Flavor have you got (Home, premium,buisiness,ultimate, 32bit,64bit,....)

              Have you updated your graphic card to it's latest driver (what is you card also ?)


              When do AE crash ? Before loading the splash screen or during the splash screen ?

              If it's during the splash screen, can you tell us the last thing written in the bottom left of the splash before crashing.


              Have you got any other CS4 apps on your PC ? Have you got any apps using the Adobe Air routines ?

              Did the installation went smoothly ?

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                andrewb94 Level 1

                No not yet because it took very long on our connection

                How do I find that out?

                same as above

                same as above of above


                I assume the splash screen is the loading screen, it crashes when I go to open a project or do anything

                other than the ones that came with it no,




                it was a trial on our computer for a while and then we bought it

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                  yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

                  Sorry but before we can help you with your AE problem, you need to figure out how to get your PC specs. This is really important for us.


                  Also, you told us you never had AE, your dad bought it, you downloaded it and then it crashed after installation, and now you are telling us that you had the demo prior to that.


                  So was the demo working when you used it ? When your dad bought you AE, why did  you download it again to reinstall it whereas you just needed to enter the serial number ?


                  As a purchaser of AE, you are entitled to limited free support from Adobe Hotline, you should call them as they will be able to provide you the support you need asap (see below), and to help you figuring out your PC specs.


                  Posting a simple "Hello ?" an hour after your last message because you hadn't had a response is not helping. You are on a User to user forum, that means that we are just simple users as you are (but you can see that some Adobe employee are also stopping by regularly). So like any simple AE user we do have a life, and we are not scooting the forums 24h a day. So please be patient, as people trying to help you are doing it on their free time and sometime english is even not their native language.



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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    See the banner at the top of this forum's home page for instructions on how to contact Adobe Technical Support for issues like this, including installation issues.

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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                      andrewb94 wrote:

                      How do I find that out?


                      Please click on your start menu, then navigate to Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> System Information. Launch this tool, then use File --> Save from the menu. Post the resulting *.nfo file here on this forum or provide them for download froma location of your choice Only then, when we know more about your system, we will be able to help you.



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                        elaine montoya Level 3

                        It could be many different things... but the first thing I would check is if your computer meets the minimum requirements to run After Effects CS4. If you don't have enough RAM, that could also be the issue.


                        If it does meet the specs, it could be a bad install. You can try uninstalling the application and reinstalling.


                        And, just incase you haven't tried this yet, did you reboot?