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    Flex App talking to remote LCDS (or blaze or granite) server?


      I've got a Flex app that's running just fine sitting on a Tomcat server, talking to GraniteDS (open source LCDS alternative) that feeds it JMS messages.


      However we're going to need to install the Flex SWF app onto another server entirely (maybe JBoss, who knows) because the SWF actually is just part of the overall web application functionality.


      So is it possible to have the compiled SWF sitting somewhere else other than the LCDS/Granite server?  As I said, when the SWF and the DS server are one and the same, it works fine.  But when I separate the two the SWF app can no longer connect to the DS server (addEventListener returns a Fault).


      There must be some configuration file that the SWF can read at run-time to know what DS server URL to use.  Any ideas?