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    New Person

    Bill Bernhardt Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am new to this forum so please forgive me in advance.


      1. Is there a scripting program for InDesign like FrameScript for FrameMaker?


      2. Is there a good location for finding plug-ins or other scripts?


      3. I see "JS" used alot. I take it that that stands for JavaScript. If so are most of the scripts run through Java?


      Now what brings me here. Is there a script that will package a document and rename the artwork to the document name with appropriate numbers ### after it? or just rename the links?


      Being new I created a document that linked artwrok files from some different folders. In my unbeleavable, ignorance I gave some of the artowrk files the same name. Shame on me. I should have made a master artwork folder from the get-go, but this was only a temporary, once in a blue moon, etc. deal.


      As it is turning out, I am now the default "Crayon" for the company. I would like and easy way to fix a major problem.


      Thank you in advance!



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          Olav Martin Kvern Level 3

          Hi Bill,


          re: "Is there a scripting program for InDesign like FrameScript for FrameMaker?"


          There's no separate program--scripting is built into every part of InDesign. You can script InDesign using JavaScript (the Adobe ExtendScript flavor), or you can use any scripting language that can connect to the platform standard for scripting (COM in Windows; AppleEvents on the Mac OS)--AppleScript (on the Mac OS) and VBScript (in Windows) are both supported. Just about anything that can change the InDesign document database can be scripted.


          You can find out more at:




          (you'll need to click the hard-to-see "Scripting resources" tab once you get there). There you'll find a basic scripting tutorial, a scripting guide for the language of your choice (if you don't have a preference, or if you need to write cross-platform scripts, choose JavaScript), and a Zip archive containing hundreds of example scripts for each language.


          You can definitely do what you want to do with InDesign scripting.





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            AdobeScripts Level 3



            when you execute Package command - InDesign will create new subfolder named Links and copy all linked files to this folder - and rename duplicated files by adding succesive numbers - this could be the easiest/fastest solution for you