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    Anyone ever edit WebHelp files once they've been output?


      For example, in my WebHelp project I use user-defined variables.  For the word "trouble ticket" I may want to use the word "Incident" or "Case" later, depending on the end user.  Since the Help file is used with our web application - on the web application, end users can configure the app, so anywhere the word "trouble ticket" appears - it can now say "incident".  Now, I know before I generate the output, I can switch the value of my user-defined variables, but is there an api/script that would allow us to update all the output files (after the Webhelp has been output) and the locations in those files where the user-defined variable needs to be updated (more specifically, without having to regenerate the Webhelp project using RoboHelp?)I guess my big question is, is there any api's or scripts that can simulate re-generating a Webhelp project without using RoboHelp so the output files can be edited by end users, even though they don't have RoboHelp?Otherwise, all the changes for each version of our application - would have to be manually sent to me, then I would have to regenerate each separate version of Webhelp?  Any ideas, appreciated