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    HELP - Animations will inexplicably stop at certain point in published SWF


      Hi, I'm a longtime flash animation hobbyist and I've encountered a problem I've simply never seen before.

      After I publish my entire project to SWF it plays as it should without a hitch, but just about the midway point of the cartoon the animations simply freeze on me. What's even more confusing is that the audio of the movie, all set to play as Stream, do NOT stop and continue playing in the proper order -- and that includes audio from subsequent scenes. So basically once my cartoon reaches X I can hear my movie playing normally but everything else is frozen.

      Other bits of info that I hope can be helpful...

      • I'm working in Flash8 and using FlashPlayer9
      • There are no actionscript commands in the scene where the animations stop. The only actionscript commands in the entire project are a Preloader/Start button at the beginning and a Stop command at the very end.
      • When I publish only the troublesome scene it plays fine.
      • This project is actually a very long movie, clocking in at just under 24 minutes. There are a total of 42 scenes in it and all principle animations take place directly on stage, not broken down into graphic numbers or movie clips.

      I hope that's clear enough for everyone, if not please let me know. If anyone could please let me know what I'm doing wrong and what I can do to correct this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.