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    Digital Editions 1.7.1 does not download eBooks (ebx.etd)


      I'm trying to use Adobe 1.7.1 to download an eBook but it's trying to download the ebx.etd. After a bit of research I found out that the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions no longer support the ebx.etd The only support Adobe gives is "go see the vendor".


      According to Adobe, version 1.7.1 is not backwards compatible when purchasing eBooks. A bit strange in this industry to not be backwards compatible. Imagine Microsoft getting away with bringin out a new version of Word that would not open stuff from a previous version. What would you do with all of the old documents? Crazy!!!! The world would go into kaos and everyone would stop buying their product. Whilst i'm not a big fan of Microsoft, I can at least  feel comfortable that they wouldn't do that. I wouldn't recommend to anyone to install version 1.7.1.


      Does anyone out there know where I can download Adobe Digital Edition version 1.6? At least this used to let me open eBooks.

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Even if you were to install an earlier version of ADE (which would complain about being out of date) or Adobe Reader 7, then you would not be activate it for handling .etd file, because we have also shut down that server.


          For the past 2 years, we have been telling all of the Content Server 3 operators that cared to listen that we would shutting down those servers, and removing the capability to fulfill .etd files from our software. We were very clear that if they wanted to continue using Adobe DRM they needed to updgrade to Content Server 4.


          I would suggest that you talk to the vendor about getting a refund as there is no way for you to fulfill that .etd file to get the book you wanted, and they should have known that before selling it to you.

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            Funny answer - since I've experienced this problem on the Adobe site trying to download a sample from the sample library.