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    ArrayCollection Filtering


      See the tag filter at the link below:




      Any suggestion on an ArrayCollection filter that can be used to develop a filter search like that?



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          Barna Biro Level 3

          Hi there,


          I can't remember if it's done the same way with an ArrayCollection but for an Array, you'd do this:


           * @private
           * Triggered when the user starts tiping text into the listFilterField.
          private function onFilter(event:KeyboardEvent):void
              // Filter the languages list and set the new array as the dataProvider for the languages list.
              languagesList.dataProvider = _languagesArray.filter(filterText);
           * @private
           * Used to filter the languages list.
          private function filterText(element:*, index:int, arr:Array):Boolean
              // Compare the text typed by the user to the languages list. Return "true" if a match is found, else "false".
              if (String(element.label).toLowerCase().slice(0, listFilterField.text.length) == listFilterField.text.toLowerCase()) return true;
              else return false;


          The onFilter method is triggered by a KeyUp event that is assigned to a TextInput field ( you can obviously use whatever component you prefer ). Check the language reference and see if ArrayCollection has a "filter" property. I'm quite sure it has something similar if not the exact same thing.


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