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    SWF codes in HTMLLoader get paused by Accordion

    Xin Yang



      I am working on an AIR app with FB3. My app has an Accordion with couple tabs, in one tab (a Canvas) it adds a HTMLLoader (added to an UIComponent then to the Canvas) and loads a page with SWF content (part of the app package). The SWF has animations controlled by some AS3 codes and the animations work fine when the tab is open.


      When the app switches to another tab, the animations in the SWF seem to be paused (easy to tell as the codes play animations with sounds), and when the app switches back to the SWF tab, the SWF animations seem to be resumed from where they are paused.


      What I want is to keep this SWF running no matter its tab is open or closed, but somehow the Accordion control (not sure about other one-pane-at-a-time containers such as ViewStack) manages to pause and resume it according to the state of the tab. How do I avoid or by pass such behaviour?


      Thanks for your help.