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    How To Do A State Change Area Chart ?

      We want to see an Area Chart with the ON STATE corresponding to a y-axis value of 1 and the OFF STATE corresponding to a y-axis value of 0.

      We might have a series of data like this:

      23May08 11:43:35 ON
      23May08 11:43:39 OFF
      01Jun08 12:55:03 ON
      05Jul08 06:32:01 OFF
      08Sep08 08:00:02 ON

      In reality this data could show a state change at any time. Note in the first instance, above, the state was ON for only 4 seconds. We need to see that on the graph, as a visible line, even though the graph might be displaying for six months. We need to display this graph for a defined period with each ON state change being represented by the area chart showing as 1 on the y-axis.

      So can we pass this data to a flex chart and have it logged efficiently and then display the corresponding chart? I would hate to have to generate millions of values to achieve this. Four months of one second data is about 10,368,000 lines of data!

      Any ideas on an approach?